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Apr 20, 2010



I'm going to say it again. I LOVE the bunny hats! The bonnets that match the cardis are to die for. These are the luckiest girls in the world!


I completely agree with Jill - those are absolutely the luckiest girls! Adorable outfits. And I have been waffling back and forth between cloth diapers...those links you had posted were really good. I might have to take the plunge!


The handiwork in your knitted items makes me envious! Such cute stuff. :-)

I use cloth diapers and a couple investments I made much later in the process that I wish I had started with earlier were the cloth wipes and the toilet sprayer. The cloth wipes were super easy - I just filled my wipe warmer with water and then just dunked the cloth wipes into the water when I needed them. Since they are slightly rougher in texture I found them to be really good at getting all the poop off the baby. And the toilet sprayer eliminated the process of donning dish gloves and dunking the diapers in the toilet. It really is worth the investment. And it doubles as a bidet! hehe. And another thing that I'm sure you determine for yourself when the time comes - I finally fell into the cloth groove once the baby was about a month old. It seemed like so much change in the beginning and the logistics of cloth diapers seemed too daunting. I thought I'd just pass on my experience in case it's helpful! You will be wonder mom so I'm sure nothing will be too daunting a task! :-)

Yvette Mc Elroy

I am wondering, you said you got the dress pattern on Ravelry, but didn't leave the name, is it possible to get a name of the dress or the link to the pattern please? I have a friend going to have her first grand daughter, and would like to make it for her.


Yvette - The dress pattern is called Kaia Babydoll Dress. Here is a link:
It is a super easy pattern...and so cute!
Have fun!

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